Why Choose Avior ?

  • All the tests of Blood, Urine, Feces, Body fluids, Swelling examinations are done under the supervision of a full time qualified MD Pathologist.
  • All the reports are duly signed and authorized by a MD Pathologist with his original signature. (We do not use electronic signatures for reports).
  • Home visit is just a call away.                                                                             
    Lab @ Home: Home Visit Facility Available Call: 8879778171 Or 
  •  Accuracy and Precision is our Motto.
  • Hospitals are kept updated  in abnormal reports. The turn around time (TAT)  is very less so that treatment can be advised faster.   
  • Regular Health Check-up of various packages is available for Chronic disease such as Diabetes, Hypertension etc.
  • Friendly, professional, caring Staff.
  • Highly trained & board-certified technologists.
  • In-Network with most insurance payers.
  • Special discounts will be given for senior citizens.
  • Special discounts for patients with membership card of Avior Laboratory.
  • Same day reporting, Urgent reports on request, E reports will be sent on request.
  • You have a choice when it comes to where to have your diagnostic testing performed.                                                                                        

Get Customized Health Check Up Package