1)What is the meaning of AVIOR?
Ans: Avior is a brightest star in the galaxy.

2)What is pathology?
Ans- Pathology is the study of disease.It involves the investigation of the cause of disease.

3)Whos is  a MD Pathologist?
Ans- MD pathology is a specialised postgraduation  course of 3 years.

4) Who can do MD Pathology?
Ans-Only MBBS doctors.(5.5 years MBBS + 3years MD Pathology).

5)What is a pathology laboratory?
Ans-It is the place where  materials of humen origin are collected , stored, processed, and/or analyzed and reported by a Qualified MD Pathology doctor for a purpose of screening,diagnosis,prognosis,treatment or prevention of diseases and for clinical research.

6)Who can sign the pathology reports?
Ans- Only MD Pathologist /MD Microbiology/MD biochemist.

7)Are the DMLT, MSC technician signed pathology reports valid?

8)Can a doctor with only MBBS degree or MD degree other than patho/micro/biochem sign the reports?
Ans- NO

9)Which pathology laboratory you should rely on?
Ans-If you care for yourself and your family,always trust the pathology laboratory owned and  full time supervised by a qualified MD PATHOLOGIST with genuine signatures. Dont rely on electronic signatures.